General Physician

General Physician – Connect With The Doctor When You Need It

You'll continue to cough. It could hurt and feel raw in your throat. You are having a high fever, your stomach hurts and more of these ailments can be treated right on time by connecting with the nearby General Physician in your area. 

It is challenging to fit in a primary care doctor's appointment or a trip to the emergency room due to your never-ending list of tasks to complete and priorities. Our app provides you with access to General Physicians anytime, anywhere. It is a practical and economical way to provide you with healthcare to get you better. When you next want medical attention, all you need to do is a few taps on the app and get the booking made with your doctor in minutes. You can book appointments in in-person as well as at the doctor’s clinic. Additionally, You can book an Online Video Consultation session with your doctor whether you're at home, at business, or even on vacation.

Booking an Online video consultation can be extremely helpful for those who are senior citizens, have no vehicle to commute to, are working professionals, etc. 
See a general physician in your area at your convenience, by downloading the app on IOS/Android.

Download Android & IOS Apps to Book/Order the Services

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